PPG Aerospace qualifies nine coatings systems to aerospace specification

09 April 2013

PPG Industries’ aerospace business has qualified nine coatings systems to SAE International’s Aerospace Material Specification 3095A for airline exterior paint.

According to Scott Cavin, PPG Aerospace global coatings marketing manager for airlines and aftermarket, having systems on the AMS 3095A Qualified Products Listing simplifies paint selection for airlines and third-party maintenance operators.

"Coatings in a qualified system have undergone independent testing that shows they work together to provide optimum performance across aircraft platforms,” Cavin said. "Airlines can use PPG’s qualified systems across their fleets to achieve the application and performance benefits the testing has proven.” Cavin added that PPG chromate-free systems offer exceptional corrosion resistance; PPG basecoat/clearcoat systems demonstrate improved color and gloss retention with reduced weight and application time; and Desothane HS/CA 8800 and 8000 series topcoat systems continue to offer excellent gloss and durability with flexible cure times to meet production requirements.

Cavin said independent laboratory testing has been completed on one additional PPG chromate-free basecoat/clearcoat system that confirms adherence to AMS 3095A requirements and is being reviewed by SAE.

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