PPG Asia Pacific launches Core Markets Branding Initiative 2.0

04 December 2012

PPG Industries Asia Pacific recently launched Core Markets Branding Initiative 2.0 (CMBI 2.0) at its China headquarters in Shanghai. The next phase of the campaign continues to highlight PPG’s three key areas of focus – innovation, sustainability and colour – in core markets including aerospace, automotive manufacturing and aftermarket, commercial and residential construction, consumer products, marine and offshore, industrial and infrastructure, and solar and wind energy.
In 2011, PPG launched the CMBI campaign to enhance awareness of the company’s brand and focus, including a new company tagline, Bringing Innovation to the Surface.
"We received very positive feedback from customers and the public for the CMBI campaign. Now we are taking an extra step to make it more specific to our regional clients,” said Mike Horton, President, PPG Asia Pacific. "Promotion will centre on the value of solutions offered by each of our businesses and clearly convey PPG’s focus on innovation, sustainability and colour, helping distinguish us from competitors.”
Initially launched as a global campaign in June 2011, the CMBI is PPG’s largest brand marketing campaign in more than 40 years and the largest in geographic scope in the company’s 129-year history. The Bringing Innovation to the Surface tagline has been used globally, gaining customers’ recognition and highlighting how PPG provides value to customers and markets.

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