PPG launches PPG ENVIROCRON PCS P4 powder coatings for architectural market

11 August 2021

PPG has announced the introduction of PPG Envirocron PCS P4 powder coatings for architectural, home décor and furniture applications. This latest generation of powder coatings meets the growing demand for matte and premium-textured finishes in applications ranging from aluminium and steel substrates for building construction to urban and office furniture.

"Matte finishes are quickly becoming the finish of choice in modern architecture and home décor,” said Anne Banuls, PPG Powder Coatings Business Manager. "The matte trend is also influencing styling, with consumer demand growing for dark neutrals and soft, creamy hues for metallic appliances and other traditionally glossy surfaces. Rich colours with premium-textured finishes give solid architectural colours an elegant, sophisticated and contemporary metallic look.”

PPG EnvirocronPCS P4 coatings are polyester based and highly scratch- and UV-resistant, extending product life. For architectural applications, they offer contemporary finishes with excellent hiding power to cover substrate irregularities and casting defects. With their enhanced edge coverage, the coatings also offer excellent corrosion protection for aluminium extrusions and sheets and steel and galvanised steel substrates. They meet the key GSB International and Qualicoat standards for polyester-based powder coatings for architectural applications and metal substrates,

"At PPG, our strategy is to innovate and provide sustainable solutions to address our customers’ greatest needs and provide practical solutions that make a difference,” Banuls said. "As a global colour expert, we are bringing that know-how to the architectural market to ensure that our range of coatings meets the latest design trends along with the high level of product performance that our customers expect.”

To learn more about PPG EnvirocronPCS P4, visit www.ppgindustrialcoatings.com/….

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