PPG launches revolutionary Sigmaglide 1290 fouling release coating

12 August 2014

PPG has launched Sigmaglide 1290, a 100% silicone binder fouling release system that utilises a breakthrough dynamic surface regeneration technology to eliminate slime problems and dramatically increase fuel savings compared to existing fouling release products.
Through chemical engineering of the 100% pure silicone binder system at a molecular level, PPG has been able to design the optimal configuration for the silicone coating surface. This results in an increased silicone density at the surface to such a degree that slime organisms do not recognise it as a surface substrate and have no chance to settle on it. This significantly extends the effectiveness of the coating.
One of the drawbacks of fouling release technologies is that their effectiveness reduces over time. To overcome this, Sigmaglide 1290 includes dynamic surface regeneration properties. These allow water to act as a catalyst to lower the surface energy of the coating back to its original state and thus restart its beneficial surface configuration properties. The product is suitable for all vessel types and brings significant benefits for cruise and ferry operators, as well as owners of tankers, bulkers, gas carriers, dredgers and containerships.

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