Tritex Multigauge 5700 Datalogger

12 August 2014

Dorchester, UK-based, Tritex NDT has launched its new Multigauge 5700 Datalogger Metal Thickness Gauge.
The gauge, has all the advantages of the popular Multigauge 5600 but with the added benefit of storing readings on the gauge. The 5700 Datalogger includes an onboard memory for recording measurements in either a grid or string format or combination of both.
The readings are then transferred to a PC or laptop using wireless technology, which also allows remote gauging if required. The versatile intuitive software includes simple wizards, which guide the user in setting up templates or files for various applications. The gauge has been designed in line with Tritex’s concept of ‘Simple, Accurate and Robust’.
The gauge utilises the Multiple Echo technique to ignore coatings up to 6mm thick and just measures the metal substrate. No grinding or removal of the coatings is required, significantly reducing preparation time and, ultimately, saving both time and money when carrying out inspections.

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