PPG supplies coatings to One World Trade Center

16 June 2014

PPG Industries’ building products group announced that Duranar coatings are being used to paint the 11-storey podium portion of One World Trade Center, the 104-storey skyscraper that will open as the centrepiece of the new World Trade Center complex in New York.

Two colours of Duranar coatings – Bright Silver and Ozark Shadows – were specified for the project. They will be used to paint an aluminium screen that will be fronted by a pattern of glass fins protruding from slatted stainless steel panels. Energy efficient LED lights, visible through the slats, which will make the podium sparkle at night, will illuminate the screen.

The podium, which is designed to protect the lobbies and lower-level mechanicals, will feature nearly 700,000lbs of aluminium extruded and painted by Keymark Corp, Fonda, NY, a member of the PPG Cap Certified Applicator Program group. Duranar coatings will cover 169,000ft2 of the building’s surface area.

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