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13 February 2014

Phoseon introduces FireEdge UV LED products

Phoseon Technology announced the availability of new UV LED products targeting pinning and curing of adhesives, coatings and inks. The FireEdge FE300 air-cooled products offer higher peak irradiance in a similar small form factor as the earlier generation of FireEdge products. Additionally, Phoseon’s unique scaling feature allows units to be stacked ‘end to end’ with contiguous, uniform UV output. These units are available in 365, 385, 395, 405nm wavelengths. A hub is also available that allows users to power and control up to five units.

"The new FireEdge FE300 products come in a small body frame for pinning and basic curing applications where space is a premium,” said Joe Becker, Product Marketing Manager of Phoseon Technology. "Various optical features can be ordered to shape the UV light for edge curing / banding, while the exhaust air is directed away from the substrate surface.”

While bringing the three-tiered benefits of UV LED curing (advanced capabilities, operating economics, and environmental advantages), Phoseon’s products add additional capability with superior performance, integrated control and outstanding reliability for customer’s tough curing environments.

ISI Plast Series C for water-based enamels
ISI Plast SpA, a leader in the manufacture of plastic buckets for industrial purposes, offers a wide range of innovative solutions to meet customer needs. In particular the Series C is ideal for water-based enamels and similar products. Series SC is a range of six different bucket sizes. Resistance and functionality are the main features

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