Revealabel reveals more space for product information

04 March 2015

Innovative digital printer Springfield Solutions has created a brand new label aimed at companies needing to display more product information on their packaging.

Revealabel is an ingenious new piggyback style design that gives companies the flexibility to choose how the mount label peels away from the base label, ensuring the product branding remains intact despite the need for more space for text or graphics.

The innovative product features a variable positioned adhesive join, enabling the mount label to peel away from the base label from either side, from the top or bottom, or from both sides towards the join if required, while remaining securely fastened to the product.

Revealabel also offers full colour printing on every side and panel and the position of the peel tab is flexible meaning it can be positioned so as not to interfere with the information being displayed.

Dennis Ebeltoft, joint managing director of Springfield Solutions, said Revealabel had been designed for use by companies that are required by law to print a lot of health and safety or legal information on their packaging, or information in several languages.

The product is currently being employed by a pharmaceutical company which manufactures high quality food supplements including vitamins, minerals and probiotics and has attracted keen interest from companies in the food industry.

Mr Ebeltoft said: "Revealabel has come into being for a number of reasons. Firstly, we needed to respond to the changes in FIR regulations that took effect in December 2014, secondly we needed to address CLP regulatory changes that come in to effect in June 2015 as both lead to companies needing to include more information about their products on the labelling.

"But it has also come about by responding to our customers’ requirements. Many of them have been searching for a solution to the growing amount of information they have to provide consumers with and have not been altogether happy with the extended content labels that are currently available, so we set about designing a better solution and I think we have achieved that with Revealabel.

"We regard it as the evolution of the extended content label, and one that provides an all-round, flexible solution to the problems of space, design and utility.”

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