Sun Chemical and DIC Experts to Speak about Modern Ink Developments for Plastic Cards

29 September 2014

Sun Chemical’s Robin McMillan and DIC’s John Schneiderhan will speak at the International Card Manufacturers Association’s (ICMA) EuroForum held in Munich, Germany on 9-10 October.

The presentation to be given from 11:30am-12pm on Friday 10 October will discuss common card print technologies used today and how modern ink developments can offer card manufacturers opportunities to increase efficiencies, change the way cards look and incorporate added value features.

The presentation will show how printing ink development can benefit card manufacturers by using 100% UV technology to reduce cradle to grave print costs, along with environmental benefits, higher quality of print and enhanced security.

Examples of this include Sun Chemical’s SunCarte® family of screen and offset inks, adhesives and varnishes, which offer high bond strength and adherence to lamination while also providing consistent colour reproduction. SunCarte can also be customised to deliver various metallic finishes. The line is easy to use and provides excellent adhesion to common plastics, helping printers meet the needs of the plastic card market.

The SunCarte product line includes new UV screen inks offering a variety of finishing options for use on plastic cards. SunCarte Opaque White ink was specially designed to work on coloured PVC core material, while SunCarte Clear inks can be used to provide pearl, silver, gold and special effect colour finishes. SunCarte Clear also offers adhesive properties, as the ultra-thin cured ink film minimises the buildup profile.

SunCarte also includes an Offset UV Plastic Card ink series designed exclusively for use on plastic cards. Compatible with a wide range of plastics, SunCarte Offset UV Plastic Card inks offer high bond strength, excellent printability and heat resistant colours. The plastic card inks can also be used with the Sun Chemical Dispenser Program’s MX12 ink dispensers.

The presentation will also offer some insight into hidden magnetic stripe cards, including their history, production challenges and current solutions. DIC magnetic tapes have been supplied to the financial sector globally for more than 40 years. The portfolio of magnetic tapes offered by DIC, Sun Chemical’s parent company, can come in a variety of colours and styles, offer brand protection and security features and can be used to enhance branding.

McMillan is a product manager of industrial and graphics in Europe at Sun Chemical. He brings over 27 years of experience working in the ink industry and is a graduate in chemistry from The University of Kent (Canterbury).

Schneiderhan has worked in the plastic card industry since 1993 and has played an instrumental role in the development of DIC magnetic tape products. He is a graduate of Allegheny College.

Designed for technical and card production staff and executives, the ICMA’s EuroForum focuses on production issues, trends and topics. It is a well-established event to exchange ideas and learn from leading experts about strategies and solutions, while also providing industry trends and opportunities. EuroForum will be held on 9-10 October 2014 at the Holiday Inn Munich, Germany.

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