Sun Chemical and DIC to globally implement energy surcharges on Color Materials portfolio

01 March 2022

Sun Chemical and its parent company, the DIC Corporation, will amend their existing transportation surcharge. In addition, and in order to reflect cost dynamics in the global energy market, an energy surcharge on the entire Color Materials portfolio will become effective from April 1, 2022.

As the unprecedented pace of inflationary cost movements continues to impact the entire spectrum of raw material and packaging components for the colour materials industry, without sign of stabilisation in sight, the industry is also being hit by abrupt rises of energy costs, including electricity, gas and diesel, drastically impacting manufacturing costs and freights costs.

“Our priority remains to keep supplying our customers, allowing them to keep their facilities operating,” said Stefan Sütterlin, President, Global Color Materials. “We continue to leverage our global network to secure our manufacturing and services efficiency. However, the magnitude of recent energy related inflation cannot be absorbed and requires us to implement surcharges. The situation will need to be adjusted as it goes, and we can assure our customers that surcharges will be phased out as the situation allows.”

Sun Chemical and DIC will communicate specific surcharges, which are in addition to previously announced price increases, directly with its customers. Customers with questions can reach out to their local sales representative.

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