The NanoKTN Reaches 2600 Members

24 November 2011

The Nanotechnology Knowledge Transfer Network (NanoKTN), one of the UK’s primary knowledge-based networks for Micro and Nanotechnologies, is pleased to announce it has exceeded 2,600 registered members, since transferring to the Technology Strategy Board’s _connect platform in 2010. Free membership is available to anyone working in the nanotechnology supply chain and the NanoKTN encourages anyone working within the supply chain to sign-up to ensure they are kept up-to-date with crucial developments in nanotechnology.

The NanoKTN provides a broad range of benefits and services to its members, designed to support the exploitation and commercialisation of nanotechnologies. Events and workshops offer a forum where all parts of the supply chain can interact and forge partnerships and collaborations. The NanoKTN supports its members to identify and source funding for technology research, development and demonstration. In addition, the NanoKTN originates a number of Directories which are free of charge for members to access and feature in, providing an excellent opportunity to promote their capabilities, facilities, products and services.

Reaching the 2,600 member milestone is a great achievement for the NanoKTN. It is evidence to the fact that the nanotechnology industry in the UK is growing quickly and that those who work in this field are eager to see a central point of contact established. Its current members have already seen quantified benefits, having secured grants, licensing opportunities, funding and new contracts, stemming from meetings organised by the NanoKTN.

"The NanoKTN works with its members to create networking opportunities and to identify, as well as bridge gaps, in the supply chain to drive successful commercial exploitation for UK nanotechnology innovators worldwide. Members not only have access to the key companies and leading academics who work in the MNT field but it also gives members the opportunity to engage in the exchange of information which the NanoKTN believe will lead to keeping the UK at the forefront of developments in nanotechnology,” explains Dr Alec Reader, Director at the NanoKTN.
Ian Burnett President at IDB Technologies Ltd and Director of JEMI UK Ltd comments: "As a member of the NanoKTN, we have benefited from the many services that the organisation offers. The NanoKTN offer some of the best networking events for UK nanotechnology companies, in addition to providing speakers that reflect the exciting developments and opportunities that are taking place in the nanotechnology sector at the moment.”

Burnett continues, "The real benefits of nanotechnology come from exploiting opportunities to apply techniques developed in one sector, such as Semiconductor technology for example, into other sectors that do not normally work together with semiconductors such as biology and medicine. In this way nano-enabled sensors and monitoring is being developed at a much faster rate and bringing far reaching benefits to patients. The UK supply chains allowing this cross disciplinary work already exists and significant opportunities for short and longer term growth exist for those that choose to cooperate in this area.”

For information about joining the NanoKTN and to see how members have benefited from their membership, please visit

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