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29 October 2012

Cortec® has developed a diverse range of corrosion protection products, including powerful VpCI®-414 Cleaner and Degreaser. VpCI®-414 is a specially designed, heavy-duty temporary coating and wax remover for metal and painted surfaces. This non-toxic, non- flammable, water-soluble and biodegradable concentrate is effective in the removal of dirt, oils and grease. As a viscous liquid, VpCI®-414 is ideal for under-hanging and vertical applications. The product provides multimetal corrosion protection even after parts have been cleaned, for up to 48hrs.

VpCI®-414 provides corrosion protection on both carbon steel and cast aluminium panels at 10% concentration. According to the flash corrosion test, VpCI®-414 at 5% and 10% concentration was found to be very effective for preventing corrosion on carbon steel panels and significantly improves corrosion protection on cast aluminium.

Complete lab-report can be viewed at

VpCI®-414 does not affect painted surfaces and remains active even if left to dry. It is mostly used at room temperature, thus reducing energy consumption but it can also be used in a heated bath for heavy hydrocarbons. The viscous liquid will cling to ceilings and vertical surfaces in a ready-to-use formulation. The product is highly effective at low concentrations, diluted as low as 1% concentration (by volume) and higher. It is easily applied and no special protective equipment is needed. Metals protected are carbon, stainless and galvanized steel, cast iron, copper and brass.

VpCI®-414 is used in cleaning and corrosion prevention applications by global companies worldwide such as General Motors. The United States Air Force used VpCI®-414 as part of Cortec’s ‘Clean, Protect, Preserve’ programme and achieved high performance and cost-effectiveness with this easy method of surface preparation.

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