Volvo certifies Donglai’s brands

10 February 2015

Volvo Car Corporation and Donglai Coating Technology (Shanghai) have signed, in Gothenborg Sweden at Volvo headquarters, the certification contract, which establishes the full approval of the Donglai car refinish paint system for application at Volvo Cars.
The approval includes both the solvent-based ‘Onwings’, as well as the water-based ‘Onwaves’. The approval was reached after extensive testing of both coating systems at the Volvo R&D test laboratories.

Mr Zhu Zong Min, CEO of Donglai Coating Technology (Shanghai) Co, Ltd indicated that only a few multi-national paint companies had ever been certificated by Volvo in the past years, so the certification is an important achievement for his company and a major step forward within the strategic future planning of developing new markets. He added that Donglai already holds certification from most car brands available in China. The Volvo certification is additional proof of Donglai’s strong capabilities and potential for the car refinish market in China and beyond.

Donglai Coating Technology (Shanghai) Co, Ltd is a Chinese privately-owned company, which employs more than 700 people. The company is operational in the Chinese home market, as well as in other countries. Its main business consists of car refinish paint, OEM coating system, 3C paint and high-end constructiion paint.

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