Zinc flakes and corrosion protection

24 August 2011

Large R&D resources in NOF Metal Coatings Europe have been allocated in recent years to the development of its range of Geomet applications. These developments open new possibilities of industrial applications in the field of corrosion protection. Examples are high performing black coatings and coatings lasting the required life on chassis components. At the same time NOF has succeeded in developing Geomet chemicals that allow the VOC content of these water-based products to be reduced substantially.

Black corrosion protective coatings for threaded parts and other metal components are requested for design reasons by the automotive industry as well as in other industrial fields. NOF offers two families of black coatings: Geoblack ML and Geoblack 500M and Geoblack KT.

All black coatings are chromium-free, water-based and offer a high corrosion resistance: 1000hrs NSS (Neutral Salt Spray Test) without red rust (Fe corrosion) or white rust (Zn corrosion).

Outdoor weathering tests and vehicle tests have shown a corrosion resistance performance that matches the current expectations for chassis parts in the automotive industry.

Further development has concentrated on increasing the thickness of the product and has resulted in the introduction of Geomet 900, which enables the application of 15μm to 30μm in one or two coats.

Practical trials over two years and with components of various types and shapes have proved the potential of this development.


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