BASF celebrates its 150th anniversary in 2015

10 February 2015

BASF turns 150 in 2015. In addition to celebrations and an historical retrospective, BASF has prepared a global co-creation programme with partners on the topics of energy, food and urban living.
As part of this programme, called Creator Space, BASF is taking a new approach in accordance with its "We create chemistry” strategy.
BASF’s history started in 1865 with dyes. Ammonia production followed a few years later in order to make fertiliser. Then, plastics came along. Since then the company’s portfolio has continuously developed and today it ranges from chemicals, plastics, performance products and crop protection to oil and gas.
The company has operated internationally since its beginnings. Shortly after it was founded, BASF was selling its dyes worldwide.
In 1885, BASF sent a manager to China with the aim of seeking opportunities for the company. "At the time, China was a new market on a largely unknown continent. There was real pioneer work to be done. Today, we are the largest foreign chemical investor in China,” said Dr Martin Brudermüller, Vice Chairman of BASF’s Board of Executive Directors.
BASF’s history in China has been compiled for its anniversary in a book titled ‘Breaking New Ground’. The book was written by Michael Grabicki, the longtime head of BASF’s media relations team, and will be published in English, German and Chinese.

Creator Space programme is a key element of the anniversary
In 2050, the world’s population will reach nine billion. 70% of the people will live in cities. A company that works on a global scale has to look at issues from the perspectives of different markets and understand local requirements. What will the cities of the future look like? Where will the energy that is needed come from? How can there be enough healthy food for everyone? The answers to these questions will be quite different from region to region.

The Creator Space programme unlocks numerous opportunities to think about challenges related to the focus topics energy, food and urban living and to work towards solutions, both virtually and in person. "We are convinced that when we add the expertise from chemistry and other industries to these ideas, we will be closer to finding answers for the challenges of today and tomorrow. For society, these are solutions. For BASF, these are business opportunities. The better we understand market needs, the better our innovations will be – regardless of whether we’re talking about products, entire systems or new business models,” said Bock.

The website Creator Space online went live in September 2014. More than 2000 participants are currently exchanging ideas in real-time on the three anniversary topics: urban living, energy and food. The ideas and solutions from Creator Space online will be fed into other anniversary activities, such as the Creator Space tour. The tour will stop for one week each in six cities: in January in Mumbai, and then in Shanghai, New York, São Paulo, Barcelona and Ludwigshafen. It provides space for workshops, conferences, idea competitions and cultural events. BASF is also planning three high-level science symposia – in Ludwigshafen, Chicago and Shanghai (November 10-11). Renowned scientists from various disciplines will meet at each event.
In total, discussions with more than 1500 guests from science, politics and industry will take place.

A documentary film spanning the entire anniversary year will be produced to capture some of the most interesting, beautiful and emotional moments. The prize-winning director, Thomas Grube, will accompany the anniversary activities. The film will be available in April 2016. Before that, clips can be viewed on

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