CPS Color launches new modular dispenser

13 June 2013

CPS Color, owner of the expert tinting equipment brand Corob, has launched a new medium-performance automatic dispenser based on a modular principle.
EVOFLX is extremely easy to operate, maintain and handle and offers great flexibility for users. Aimed at professional shops, independent stores and DIY environments, it is suitable for decorative, architectural and industrial applications and is the first of a new range of modular machines to be released in the coming years.
Paint manufacturers throughout the world expect their tinting equipment to work reliably and accurately at all times, irrespective of the types or makes of colorants they use. Corob EVOFLX answers this need with its modular configuration. Its component parts can be set up, modified and updated to ensure perfect compatibility between colourant and machine throughout the lifecycle of the dispenser. Such actions include changing or updating pump types, canisters, shelves and machine performances.
Its development has been based on three guiding
principles: exclusive experience, value innovation and optimal efficiency.
When developing Corob EVOFLX, CPS Color’s engineers collected clients’ input throughout the world to design a flexible and yet simple dispenser that fits individual requirements. Thanks to its modular design, it can be equipped with either bellow or piston pumps, or both on the same platform. The dispenser comes in three different frame sizes and layouts that house up to 18, 24 or 32 canisters of different sizes.
Users can select individual stirring times for the canisters and select recirculation possibilities. At the same time, the ‘click-in-place’ canister holders require few tools, making interventions such as canister removal quick and easy.

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