Create your own colours

24 August 2011

BASF and X-Rite have combined X-Rite’s latest colour determination device with BASF’s Kollicoat IR Coating Systems to offer an easy-to-handle on-site approach to colour coating tablets. X-Rite’s ColorEye XTH offers a portable tool for tablet colour determination. The tablet colour is then easily translated into BASF’s Kollicoat IR Coating Systems recipe, matching the desired colour shade within minutes. This collaboration is part of the ongoing trend towards immediate availability of results without any outsourcing activities. It replaces complex logistic processes and ensures that in-house formulation knowledge remains confidential.

BASF’s Kollicoat IR Coating Systems are a modular system of seven base colours, designed to combine easily to produce instantly recognisable tablets in hundreds of different shades.

X-Rite’s XTH ColorEye Handheld Spectrophotometer measures the colours of contoured and textured opaque parts in a wide range of sizes, taking into account how the human eye responds to surface effects.,

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