Omnova launch hydrophobic acrylic emulsion

24 August 2011

Omnova Solutions has launched Omnapel, a range of hydrophobic acrylic polymers, which exhibit water resistance coupled with exterior durability and resistance properties.

Omnapel 3158 can be used to make a variety of durable water resistant coatings such as concrete sealers. Omnapel 60110, Omnapel 61050,and Omnapel 61063, are 59% solids thermosetting hydrophobic acrylic polymers that can be formulated alone or in blends with other polymer systems to create coatings that are exterior durable, provide water resistance and are insoluble to acids, alkalis and organic solvents when cured above 135°C.

Omnova Solutions has also announced the commercial introduction of Omna-Glo 100E in Europe, a novel latex polymer technology for floor polishes. When used as the primary ingredient in floor polish formulations, it can help to reduce the cost of maintaining highly durable and attractive floors.

Floor polishes incorporating Omna-Glo 100E have detergent resistance that facilitates aggressive cleaning of heavily soiled floors without damaging their appearance; yet can be easily removed using standard stripping methods.

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