Cytec’s solution for demanding coatings

24 August 2011

Cytec has developed a solution for demanding high-end two-component plastic coatings. Daotan TW 7000/40WA waterborne polyurethane dispersion offers all the characteristics needed for coatings in the area of automotive interior applications, ACE and foil coatings as well as for the general industry.

The product shows chemical resistance and hardness, while keeping flexibility. Furthermore, it adheres well to many commonly used plastic substrates, hence eliminating the need for an adhesion primer and its associated cost. Depending on the application, Daotan TW 7000/40WA can be used as sole binder, to achieve the highest chemical resistance. Formulated with water-based acrylics or polyesters it exhibits ‘piano-effect’ gloss and offers superior distinctness of image.

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