Versatile coating additives from Lanxess

24 August 2011

With its phosphorus-based Bayfomox, Disflamoll and Levagard ranges, Lanxess has responded to growing demand from many customers for multi-functional additives.

"Our products are mainly used as flame retardants but, unlike other classes of substance, our organic phosphorus compounds have additional benefits that make them attractive in particular to users in the fields of coatings, adhesives and sealants,” said Otto Mauerer from the Business Development Phosphorus Chemicals section of the Functional Chemicals (FCC) business unit.

Their properties also make them interesting additives and enable them to be used as VOC-free solvents, plasticisers and wetting agents and to lower viscosity.

In conjunction with Haan-based company FluidSystems GmbH, Lanxess has developed a spray foam application for the two-component Bayfomox polyurethane system. Complex components can be made flame-retardant quickly and efficiently. Only a small amount of the material is needed, as even thin coatings are completely flame-retardant from the moment they are applied. The Bayfomox spray foam hardens quickly and is fully functional immediately. It adheres to a wide variety of substrates, such as metal or wood and can be tailored to customers’ insulation and soundproofing needs by altering the composition of the two-component system.

With its Disflamoll range, Lanxess offers halogen-free plasticising flame-retardants for use in transparent coatings and in a variety of polymers, such as phenolic resins, PVC, rigid and soft polyurethane foams, and thermoplastic polyurethanes. Disflamoll products are halogen-free, colourless and transparent.

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