Eastman Scientist Offers Help to Formulators

09 October 2014

Many paint formulators feel puzzled by the evolving landscape of regulatory and labeling programs for volatile organic content (VOC) and emissions. Join Eastman global application technology leader Jennifer Cogar on Wednesday, October 22 at 2:00 pm EDT for a webinar exploring existing regulations and anticipated changes in North America, Europe, Asia Pacific and Latin America.

During the webinar, attendees will also learn how to minimise reformulation work as they comply with regulations that continue to shift. Cogar plans to identify tools and resources that help formulators achieve regulatory and performance goals.

"VOC and emission regulations continue to change, and vary by region, so formulators need to understand the latest requirements and respond to new standards in ways that are cost effective,” said Cogar.

Responding to regulatory requirements, both mandatory and voluntary, can directly impact the performance of paint formulations. With more than 50 years of expertise in providing high quality raw materials to the architectural and protective coatings industries, Eastman has designed proven solutions that enable paint formulators to balance both performance objectives and compliance targets. Eastman’s long term success in assisting formulators with balancing performance and compliance goals is the result of research investments, applications development, sustained regulatory examination, and consistent advocacy efforts.

The 60min webinar includes a live question-and-answer session. To participate, register at Eastman.com/PCIwebinar2014. Learn more about the Eastman coalescents portfolio at Eastman.com/coalescents.

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