Non-solvent defoamer for high gloss aqueous coatings

07 October 2014

Manufacturers of aqueous high-gloss and wood coatings now have a new solvent-free, high-performance additive that eliminates foam without compromising surface appearance or integrity: Troykyd D209W from Troy Corporation. Highly compatible, it offers functionality in a broad range of aqueous systems, including high-gloss and wood coatings, both clear and pigmented, as well as other end-use areas, including spray applied systems. With a solvent-free composition, it is an excellent choice for environmentally ‘green’ coatings.
"An essential capability of a new generation, high-performance defoaming additive is minimisation of surface defects,” said Troy’s Dr Izzy Colon, VP, Science & Technology. "While conventional defoamers have a tendency to create cratering and pinholes in end-use systems, Troykyd D209W leaves systems virtually free of surface defects.”
The product has shown equivalent defoaming performance when compared with the leading competitor products in fresh aqueous paint samples and superior defoaming performance in aged samples.

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