Eco-friendly Rhodoline from Solvay

14 February 2014

Rhodoline OTE 500 and Rhodoline FT100 are eco-friendly additives from Solvay that enable the formulation of high-performance low-to-zero VOC waterborne coatings.
Both products are alkyl phenol ethoxylate (APE) free, solvent-free and zero-VOC. They offer the benefits of scrub resistance, freeze-thaw stability, enhanced uniform gloss and green profiles, and provide effective resistance against painting defects.
Suitable for a wide range of polymer binders, they are applicable with virtually any type of coating.
Rhodoline OTE, in particular, is able to extend open time by up to four-fold. It is low in odour and capable of performing with resin and waterborne paint formulations.
Rhodoline FT enhances freeze-thaw stability in latex and waterborne paint formulations and provides resounding performance in both gloss and pigment dispersions. The product serves as a freeze-thaw controller in formulations, enabling stability even after as many as five freeze-thaw cycles.
This is particularly useful in geographies with cold climates such as China.

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