Edlon’s coatings bound for Abu Dhabi

17 May 2013

Scotland-based, Edlon are delivering a wide range of coatings solutions for what will become the world’s largest aluminium fluoride plant in Abu Dhabi.

At the new US$500M complex, which will produce aluminium fluoride (AlF3) and anhydrous hydrogen fluoride (HF), Edlon’s multi-disciplined solution includes 10m high x 2m wide loose-lined PTFM columns with PTFM bonded lining for the upper sections. The installation is for a new sulphuric acid/oleum plant that will utilise sulphur recovered from the production of low sulphur fuels.

At the base of the distillation and washing columns, the bottom sumps will be finished with Edlon’s rotationally moulded ETFE. Edlon are also manufacturing chemically resistant packing, internal feed-pipes, internals and storage tanks so that the steelwork is fully protected.

Edlon’s PTFM lining will give increased permeation resistance and provide greater mechanical stability for the high temperatures that will be used at the Abu Dhabi plant. In addition, Edlon’s mechanical fusion welding will provide a significantly smoother finish than hand welding, resulting in far greater cleanliness, as there is no product hold-up. Edlon’s materials and mechanical techniques also mean that welds are far stronger than hand-welded versions.

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