El Mohandes further expands into the paint industry at the Middle East Coatings Show Cairo

20 June 2023

PPCJ spoke to Ibrahim Mohamed, Sourcing Executive at Egypt’s El Mohandes, to find out why they chose to exhibit at MECS 2023.

What are you hoping to gain from attending MECS Cairo?

We aim to showcase our latest solvents and coatings, connect with potential clients, suppliers and industry professionals, and explore new business opportunities at MECS Cairo.

Why is the Egyptian market important to your company?

The Egyptian market’s size, strategic location, and growing economy make it a crucial focus for our solvents and coatings business. We aim to reinforce our brand, increase market share, and drive growth within Egypt’s expanding industrial sectors.

How important do you find face-to-face meetings?

Face-to-face meetings are highly valuable to us. They allow for deeper engagement, better understanding of client needs, effective problem-solving, and building trust and long-term business partnerships.

What will you be promoting at the show?

We will be showcasing our superior-quality solvents and coatings, emphasising their innovative formulations, eco-friendly features and tailored solutions to meet industry requirements.

El Mohandes was established in 1998, in Janaklis, El-Behira Governorate, which is about 80km away from Alexandria Port. The company has a total surface area of 80,000m2 and more than 1000 employees, offering the highest quality of chemical raw materials, solvents and coating paint industries. El Mohandes provides a large variety of distinctive products and services, such as filling (bulk, IBC, drums, cans), mixing and blending. The company serves thousands of customers in Egypt, the Middle East and Africa and is Egypt’s number one supplier of chemical raw materials and solvents. El Mohandes aims to increase its market share in the coating paints industry in the Egyptian market and to continue to penetrate new emerging markets in Africa and the Middle East, so obviously they decided to exhibit at MECS Cairo.

For more information, visit www.middleeastcoatingsshow.com

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