Gold variant of ThermoHold launched in Japan

20 February 2013

Zircotec has developed a real 24 carat gold-backed variant of its ZircoFlex heat shield material along with the option of a real gold finish for its ThermoHold for composites coating. These products combine the performance of its ceramic-based thermal insulation with the superb radiant heat reflective properties of real gold. The products will, therefore, offer better overall thermal barrier performance than the use of gold foil/leaf on its own.
Nicole Racing launched both products simultaneously in Japan in January.
Both products are expected to become widely used in F1 where gold foil and gold leaf is currently used for radiant heat protection, though they are expected to find applications in many other areas of motorsport along with the performance car sector, where the use of gold has previously been impractical due to high cost and issues with its application.

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