Hi-Tec launch Merkur ES spray system

24 August 2011

Hi-Tec Spray (HSL) has added Graco’s entry level, Merkur ES spray system to its line of finishing products.

Aimed at small volume projects using low viscosity materials for applications such as interior wood finishing, the unit has been designed to consume almost half the material than that of alternative systems while reducing air usage and pulsation for high transfer efficiency and superior finish. The quick (less than one minute) flush system also reduces material and solvent use.

The Merkur ES incorporates already proven, key system components such as the air motor and pump lower, resulting in less downtime. It also offers a choice of two pump ratios (15:1 and 30:1) and one of Graco’s ergonomically designed G15 or G40 air assisted airless spray guns or alternatively the (30:1) unit can be purchased as a standard airless spray unit.


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