IMCD rewarded for business expansion in Asia Pacific

16 August 2012

IMCD Benelux, a leading global distributor of speciality chemicals and foods, has won a top award for outstanding sales growth for the second year in a row. The yearly award, given out by USA-based Zeeospheres Ceramics LLC recognises the IMCD Group’s efforts in promoting Zeeospheres’ products in Europe as well as expanding the Asian market for it.
Thanks to such success, Zeeospheres has now extended its exclusive distributorship contract with IMCD to Japan, Korea, China, Taiwan, Malaysia, Singapore and Australia/New Zealand. Zeeospheres’ new products are ceramic microspheres, which are very fine yet very strong, hard and inert and are commonly used as spherical filler in such compounded polymeric materials as: industrial paints and coatings, powder coatings, primers, corrosion-resistant coatings, darker architectural coatings, polymeric grouts, putties, adhesives and other construction compounds.

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