Improved formulation stability and colour consistency for solvent-based paints, coatings and inks

16 August 2012

With Dow Corning 3 Additive, manufacturers of solvent-based paints, coatings and inks can now create formulations containing titanium dioxide (TiO2) and coloured pigments, including whites, greys and pastels, that stay homogeneously mixed over time, leading to improved paint stability and enhanced colour consistency.
A silanol functional silicone resin solution, Dow Corning 3 Additive is effective when used as the sole dispersant or co-dispersant for TiO2 in white base paints and/or when added during the let-down stage in colour-pigmented systems.
"Because Dow Corning 3 Additive can be used in different stages of the process, is a multi functional silicone resin that also improves levelling and can be used in a wide range of binder systems, it provides true formulation simplification and flexibility,” said Chris Wall, global coatings market leader.
Due to its unique chemistry, the additive is also effective at very low use levels and offers good cost-in-use vs other competitor products on the market. Furthermore, it typically contributes <0.01g/l VOCs when added at the recommended use levels.

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