MCLLC unveils EcoCare ASA, a bio-based paint dispersing agent

13 February 2013

Manufacturers Chemicals LLC (MCLLC) has developed a dispersing agent/anti-settling aid that can be used in water-based formulations of paint and other dispersions. Based entirely on vegetable-based materials, EcoCare ASA is an effective grinding aid and dispersant. It also acts as an anti-settling compound that facilitates improved remixing.

This unique chemistry suppresses foam and will eliminate the need for additional antifoams in some formulations. It also acts as a surfactant to facilitate spread and penetration on to dry surfaces.

Non-VOC and containing no harmful or hazardous ingredients, it is the most recent addition to the EcoCare family of products developed from plant and vegetable material streams. MCLLC has developed proprietary methods to make chemicals from vegetables and animal byproducts. Many of these products carry the EcoCare trade name because of their potential to replace harsher synthetic chemistry.

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