Nubiola new micronized black iron oxide

15 August 2012

A bluish undertone is a highly appreciated characteristic in grey or black colour shades but it is not common for Iron Oxides. Being aware of this, Nubiola has recently launched Nubifer NB-5970, a micronised Black Iron Oxide with a deep bluish undertone and also great tinting strength, which is suitable for coatings, plastics (if processing conditions do not promote oxidation of the product) and construction, eg cementitious formulations. With a lower dosage than usual, you can obtain real bluish grey colour shades in all three of these applications. Nubifer NB-5970 also features outstanding dispersibility: very low fineness values can be achieved in coatings after 10min dispersion in a high speed disperser and filter test values in plastics are well below other products in the market.

Nubifer NB-5970 is one of the latest results of the company’s efforts to provide its customers with high added value products for demanding applications, guaranteeing consistent good quality and providing its best technical, sales and supply support. The Nubiola product range includes Red, Yellow, Black and Brown Iron Oxides, Heat Resistant Yellow Iron Oxides and Zinc Ferrites.

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