Opportunities for coatings industry in nanotechnology field

15 February 2012

The commercialisation of nano- technology was the hot topic at the second annual seminar, on November 23, organised by the British Coatings Federation (BCF), the Nanotechnology KTN and the Paint Research Association to assess the impact of the technology on the coatings industry.

Tony Mash, CEO of the BCF said: "With industry growth ever more difficult to envisage given the current economic situation, it was encouraging to learn of so many new ideas for exploiting the benefits of nano- technology particles. Many companies, both large and small, which presented at the seminar underlined their commitment to growth through innovation by displaying a wide range of applications such as self-cleaning glass and metal, coatings that repel or absorb water or oil, nano-surfaces for vehicle clearcoats, anti-reflective coatings, surfaces with enhanced conductivity, thin films with improved mechanical properties, the dynamic management of surface colour and enhanced performance through photocatalysis.”

The seminar also highlighted that innovation is not only being achieved in the technical performance of nanotechology coatings. Existing technologies are beginning to make headway into the world of fashion and design in areas such as dynamic surface colour management. Fabrics and make-up that change colour in different surroundings are a reality today and the door is now wide open for greater artistic creativity in the future through nanotechnology.

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