PPCJ September 2014 contents

29 September 2014

Test & Weathering Equipment
16 Shining light
Understanding degradation mechanisms of coatings under test and their response to stresses, such as light, heat and moisture are discussed by Atlas Material Testing Technology

22 Corrosion standards
Relative humidity measurement and control in a corrosion test chamber are presented by Q-Lab

26 Soluble salts
Contamination caused by salt can affect the performance of a coating but a meter developed by Elcometer can help to overcome this problem

30 Lead legislation
Reducing the amount of lead in paints is becoming a priority in Asia, as it plans to comply with countries, such as the USA and Canada by 2019

Construction chemicals
32 Floor covering
Polyaspartic coatings provide decorative flooring applications, which are durable and cleanable, as Bayer MaterialScience writes

European Adhesives & Sealants
36 Comparison text
Emerald Materials explains dibenzoates and the use of blends in adhesives, which need careful consideration for an acceptable performance

39 Global warming
Cristal discusses how titanium dioxide (TiO2) is playing an important role in the fight against environmental issues

43 Buyers’ Guide
This year’s titanium dioxide grades directory, sponsored by Cristal, has been updated to provide a comprehensive listing for the formulator

4 News
8 Diary
10 Letter from America
12 Powder Matters
14 Business Matters

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