TQC introduces three new Gloss meters

23 October 2012

TQC manufacturer of quality control and test equipment for paint laboratories has developed a series of three gloss meters. Many years of research resulted in a gloss meter that is unique in terms of stability, accuracy and robustness.

Measuring gloss
Gloss meters accurately measure the specular reflection of a surface allowing its user to define the gloss level of that material.

The TQC Gloss meter comes in three models. Sologloss measures at a 60° angle, the Duogloss at 20°/60° and the Polygloss at 20°/60°/85°.

The 60º angle can be used for any surface, from matte to glossy. For more accurate measurements on high gloss surfaces the 20° angle is ideal, while for low gloss or matt surfaces the 85° angle suits best.

The high level of accuracy equals or exceeds most bench gloss meters, making it a perfect fit for high demand laboratory applications. Other applications for these gloss meters vary from QC in surface finishing lines to production control in plastic fabrication plants. Gloss meters are used to test automotive interior- and exterior parts, furniture, white goods, building materials like window frames and cladding etc..

TQC Ideal Finish Analysis Software is included to analyze results via PC. This software provides extensive analysis and statistical process control.

Precision-engineering and ergonomics
TQC Gloss meter’s unique hybrid aluminum and composite frame has been designed to offer the highest precision and stability for the optics and LED light source. This guarantees high precision measurements for the lifetime of the product. An ultra-clear OLED display placed at an angle of 35° ensures excellent readability in all viewing positions. Operating the instrument has been kept very simple and does not require any specific skills. The instruments are made in The Netherlands.

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