Vencorex at ECS 2013

21 December 2012

Vencorex is a newly formed JV between PTT Global Chemical and the Perstorp Group. The company is the owner of key technologies and a major producer of aliphatic isocyanates (HDI, IPDI, Tolonate and Easaqua) and aromatic isocyanate (Scuranate TDI) used in polyurethane coatings, adhesives, elastomers and inks. As key supplier for the polyurethane industry, Vencorex will participate at the European Coatings Show from March 19-21, 2013 in Nürnberg, Germany (hall 4, stand no 421).
Vencorex is a newly formed JV between PTT Global Chemical, Asia-Pacific’s leading integrated petrochemical and petroleum refining company and the Perstorp Group, a world leader in speciality chemicals market. The company will present a wide range of isocyanates and solutions to develop more environmentally friendly technologies such as:
– Tolonate aliphatic polyisocyanates crosslinkers for high-performance polyurethane coatings & adhesives, which offer exceptional durability and non-yellowing properties upon ageing, with high solids, low VOC options
– Based on a unique patented technology, the Easaqua grades are self-emulsifiable polyisocyanates, used as crosslinkers of effective environmentally-friendly waterborne polyurethane alternatives to conventional solvent-based coatings
– HDI and IPDI isocyanate monomers, essential building blocks for polyurethane dispersions (PUD)
– Scuranate TDI aromatic isocyanate for CASE applications
Vencorex aims to develop alternative environmentally friendly technologies and new materials to yield savings in energy, time and money through improved productivity.
Supported by two global leaders, Vencorex has ambition to sustain some leadership position in the polyurethane chain and will provide updated information on recent investments:
– New production capacity in HDI derivatives (Tolonates and Easaqua ranges).
– Increase of its global footprint (manufacturing capacities, R&D and commercial presence…)

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