Vitex’s factory goes green

03 August 2011

The Yannidis Group has announced the inauguration of a photovoltaic installation on the rooftop of its Vitex paint factory in Aspropyrgos, Greece.

The 750kWp station will generate 1,012MWh of electricity during the first 12 months of its operation; equivalent to the energy consumed by 145 households and will offset 23,700Mt of CO2 during its 25 year lifespan.

Vitex chose USA-based Solyndra for this project. The solar panels are designed with a cylindrical tube shape. Armodios Yannidis, EVP of the Group said: "By applying a specially formulated reflective coating system on the roof surface before the PV’s installation, we achieved higher output of the solar panels, decreased the temperature inside the building during summer due to the cool roofing effect and prolonged the roof’s waterproofing to the investment’s life-span”.

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